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"The board that inspires."

There is a growing awareness that "being in, on, under or near water makes your life better" (W J Nichols, Blue Mind).  For those of use who live and breathe SUP, the possibilities for improving our overall well-being and our resistance to stress related disease are great.

When Paddle for Hope Fundraising event founders Victoria Stuart and Breast Cancer Survivor Karin Horen set out to create a SUP rehabilitation program for people recovering from cancer, they were sure that stand up paddling could help offer physical, social and emotional healing for people who had been, like Karin, on a tough journey.  Teaming up with Cancer Rehabilitation Specialst Lou James, they created PaddleOn - a 5 week group rehabilitation program for men and women who have undergone cancer treatments.

PaddleOn has been successfully trialled and launched in New Zealand under the guidance of certified PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapists, who use each on-water session to safely break down the different components of stand up paddling and help increase patient's confidence, strength and fitness.

The Paddle For Hope 11'6 x 29" Touring board is an ideal board for any woman getting into SUP fitness, rehabilitation or exploring, and a percentage of all Paddle For Hope board sales goes toward helping others all over the world with their recovery.