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Hypernut Surfing Stand Up Paddle Boards

Hypernut Surfing Stand Up Paddle Boards
  • Target Rider: riders up to 110kg
  • Dimensions: available from the new 10'0" to the shorter 8'5"
  • Key Features: pro tail outline for tight cutbacks combined with the stability in the nose from a 9' long board.  Pulled in Nut outline curve produces faster tighter turning arcs when on rail.  Added glide from length makes it easier to catch waves
  • Conditions: smaller mushier conditions yet can handle size

sup australia innovator sups

  • Fast, table, reactive in a short length.
  • Wide nose and tail allows riding a shorter board.
  • Inverted Nut rail for accerlation and tight turning.

HYPER NUT - Try it to Believe it.

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sup innovator surfing

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