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Racing Stand Up Paddle Boards

Racing Stand Up Paddle Boards

We offer a range of Racing SUPs to suit your style and the type of conditions you typically face in race situations.

There are three main ranges of Race SUPs - the All Star, the Ace and the Sprint - details below and on individual pages specific to each racing SUP.

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All Star Race SUPs

The All Star Race SUP series provides amazing glide while maintaining stability in all conditions and control to surf in breaking waves during beach racing. 

  • Target Rider: suited to all rides up to 115kg
  • Construction: Carbon sandwich, Carbon and Hybrid Carbon technology
  • Dimensions: 23.5" wide for elite paddlers up to 28" wide for heavier riders and beginners.  12'6" length offering greater manueverability and 14'0" for longer glide.
  • Key Features: Tri-concave bottom with chamfered rail is optimised for ultimate speed and control.  Slight tray with recessed deck pad for greater grip and stability.  Straight and slender outline for optimimum glide, control and stability.  Channel bottom directing water flow and sharp rail edges for extra control in surf.
  • Fins: Natural Winner Light Core and Race Ultra (27" and 28")
  • Conditions: Flat-water, choppy, downwinders and surf

Ace Race SUPs

The Ace Race SUP series provides sets a new standard in choppy water performance. 

  • Target Rider: medium to higher skilled riders up to 100kg
  • Construction: Carbon technology
  • Dimensions: 14'0" x 25" for lighter weight riders and 14'0"x27" for greater stability.
  • Key Features: NACA profile outline with narrow tail for efficient release of water.  High vertical rails create a deep tray for added stability.  Curved rocker for easy entry connecting and riding bumps.  New Water Release System improves drainage.  Increased volume for lift and pop over chop making it easier to connect with bumps.
  • Fins: Natural Winner Light Core center fin supplied
  • Conditions: Open ocean and choppy waters/upwind and downwind conditions

Sprint Race SUPs

The fastest flat-water race board for maximum speed and efficiency, aimed at both springs and long distance races. 

  • Target Rider: higher skilled and lighter weight riders up to 95kg
  • Construction: Carbon sandwich
  • Dimensions: 12'6"x23" for maneuverability up to 14'0"x21.5" for fastest glide and 14'0"x23" for added stability.
  • Key Features: Narrow outline, flat profile and foiled nose for optimum glide and speed.  Complex concave bottom combined with flat rocker for linear glide.  Dug out inner deck rail offering lower centre of gravity for maximum stablity.  W-shaped tail funnels the water for efficient release.
  • Fins: Natural Winner Light Core centre fin supplied.
  • Conditions: Flat-water to light chop.

Recommended by 3 ISA SUP World Champions

Connor Baxter, Sean Poynter and Izzi Gomez

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